Adobe’s Creative Resident Program is Open for Applications

Side projects are the wellspring of many a creative career. Industry changing concepts, technology leaps, companies, entire communities, have all sprung from a simple idea developed in a designer’s spare time.

Sadly for many, being freed from the ‘tyranny’ of a client brief, also means being freed from the tyranny of a regular paycheck. Ideas that could come to fruition in months, take years to realize—or are abandoned altogether—because life gets in the way.

If you’ve got more ideas than free time, you should consider applying for Adobe’s Creative Resident Program.

Take a minute and imagine all of those side projects you’ve been writing down and dreaming about. You know, those ideas you can’t stop thinking about. With the Creative Residency Program, you can turn these endeavors into a reality with a year’s worth of focus, incredibly supported by Adobe.

~ Nic Annette Miller, 2015 Creative Resident mentor

A handful of lucky applicants will be furnished with tools (hardware and software), resources, professional advice, and most importantly cold hard cash, to enable them to focus on their creative practice for a whole year; while inspiring others in the community.

The Adobe Creative Resident Program is in its fourth year, and is open to applicants from the US, Canada, Germany, and—for the first time—the UK. (The program will expand into other territories in the coming years.)

The application process for 2018 focuses on UI, UX, print design, digital design, short-form online video, digital drawing and painting, and photography; which covers just about everything, but if you do happen to work outside of those fields, you’re still invited to apply.

One of the key factors in the selection process is your flexibility, and willingness to take on new challenges. You should see the program as an opportunity to push yourself creatively, and is certainly a platform that will benefit successful applicants.

To get your sticky fingers on all that Adobe money—and the other stuff too—submit your application before February 25th.

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