Excerpt: GreatSoft Cloud Document Management, augmenting client collaboration for safe and secure communication

GreatSoft (https://greatsoft.co.za) is a company that develops CRM and Practice Management software for accounting firms. Here is an excerpt from their blog about their Document Management software: Read the full article here: More about GreatSoft: GreatSoft is an innovative & award winning software development company in South Africa offering CRM, and practice management software for accounting… Read More

The importance of mobile apps in accounting firms

Mobile applications are proving to be relevant in many different industries. Here is an excerpt from an article by GreatSoft (https://greatsoft.co.za) about the importance of mobile apps for accounting firms. In today’s marketplace, accounting firms are faced with new challenges brought on by globalisation and increasing competition. Streamlining data is a critical factor for these… Read More