How Long is the Perfect Blog Post?

There’s an old saying about dresses and speeches which rightly points out that both should be long enough to cover the subject. In the modern era, men in particular would be well advised to drop all reference to female attire and talk about blogs instead. How long should a blog be? The infinite Internet has… Read More

6 Reasons to Adopt a Long-Form Content Strategy

Recently I have encountered more and more people asking for one specific thing: words, and lots of them. No, truly, I mean a lot of them. They want long-form content: articles that go from 2,000 to 5,000 words, and sometimes longer. Then I ran across our glorious lea… ahem… Zeldman’s article on the subject of… Read More

How To Build A Better Website

What’s the first thing you think of when you begin a website project? What are your first steps? Are you hunting for design inspiration on step one, or soon thereafter? Maybe, you’re more of the developer type. You might be exploring code and functionality needs soon after your first consultation meeting. Regardless, if you are… Read More