Curated Content: Industry 4.0 How is it shaping the Accounting Industry?

Industry 4.0 — How is it shaping the Accounting Industry?

The world has changed

The world has changed. We work with a young generation. We have reached the end of a cycle, everything has matured, we see full adoption of Mobile phones and social media. All customers are digitally connected, online the entire time.

So, looking forward we are looking at a new phase, it’s not just the customer who is connected but the entire context is becoming digital (becoming smart).

This is the new world, A world where social media has changed the way we communicate, where technology has changed the way we work and a world where technologies have changed the customer relationships.

For the first time in history, multiple waves of key technological innovations are taking place simultaneously. We have only ever experienced one innovation at every revolutionary phase. In the 1st industrial revolution (early 1900’s) the innovation was manufacturing. In the 2nd industrial revolution (mid 1900’s) the innovation was distribution. In the 3rd industrial revolution (late 1900’s) the innovation was information — who remembers the stiffy disk 😉 and after the turn of the century, we are now in the age of the customer, the 4th industrial revolution or also known as industry 4.0. NOW we see at least 6 key innovations that are disrupting every industry and that just to name a few!

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