Excerpt: GreatSoft Cloud Document Management, augmenting client collaboration for safe and secure communication

GreatSoft (https://greatsoft.co.za) is a company that develops CRM and Practice Management software for accounting firms.

Here is an excerpt from their blog about their Document Management software:

Check your inbox – how many emails do you have with attachments? It is likely that most of them are part of the same email trail. Even grouping your email by conversation won’t fix the attachment nightmare we have become accustomed to in our daily lives.

The Significance of Email in Business

Since its public introduction to the world in 1991, emails have been a ground-breaking innovation for its ability to communicate to anyone, anywhere and at any time. It has become the most popular method of exchanging attachments such as Invoices / Statements, Personal Identity, Financial Statements, Tax Returns, Legal Documents, Contracts, etc but it’s now 2019 and this method seldom lacks consideration for encryption, protection of personal information (POPI) and protection of clients confidential data.

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More about GreatSoft:

GreatSoft is an innovative & award winning software development company in South Africa offering CRM, and practice management software for accounting firms.

Our cloud based CRM for accountants will streamline your accounting firm and improve communication with your clients.

We offer a full practice ecosystem in the cloud, and will have a proven solution for any of your practice needs.

Our suite of products includes:

Practice Management for Accountants: Innovative, state of the art Accounting & Practice Management software solutions to time based professionals.

Tax Compliance Software: A high-performance tax workflow management software that will assist you in preparing and submitting tax returns to SARS.

Company Secretarial Software: GreatSoft’s online company secretarial software is an all-in-one secretarial software solution based in the cloud.​

Cloud Document Management: GreatSoft’s online document management software will transform the way you communicate and collaborate with your clients. Document management in the cloud.

South African Payroll Software: GreatSoft’s online payroll software is a high performance, easy to use cloud based payroll solution for everyone from SME’s to large international firms.

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